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Learn more about how the Shakopee Chamber of Commerce and our partners help the Shakopee business community through advocacy, economic development, and more.

Showcase Shakopee – Shakopee BrewHall

This Showcase Shakopee video focuses on the Shakopee BrewHall, located in historic Downtown Shakopee. Hear the history of how this BrewHall got started, and hear the plans for their future.

Showcase Shakopee – Shakopee Warners’ Stellian

This Showcase Shakopee video focuses on Shakopee Warners’ Stellian. Hear the history of Warners’ Stellian, and hear the plans for their future.

Showcase Shakopee – Shelly’s Boutique

This Showcase Shakopee video focuses on Shelly’s Boutique. Hear the history of Shelly’s Boutique, and hear their plans for their future.

Showcase Shakopee – Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant

This Showcase Shakopee episode highlights Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant, Learn more about how they started out and what the future holds for their business!

Showcase Shakopee – My Appliance Source

This Showcase Shakopee features My Appliance Source. This family-owned business has been around for 42 years and loves being a part of the Shakopee community. Learn more by listening to their story below.

Showcase Shakopee – Casper’s Chiropractic

This Showcase Shakopee video focuses on Casper’s Chiropractic. Hear the history of how Casper’s Chiropractic got started, and hear the plans for their future.

Halo Effect of Minnesota Tourism

Research shows that if someone visits Minnesota, they are:

• 54% more likely to think of Minnesota as a good place to start a business

• 76% more likely to consider it a good place to live

• 106% more likely to think it’s a good place to start a career

This is known as the “halo effect” of tourism. (Minnesota 2017 Advertising Evaluation and Image Study, Longwoods International) Here are the stories of three entrepreneurs who visited and decided to invest in Minnesota.

Minnesota Main Street

A thriving downtown has a powerful impact on a community—its people, its finances and its growth. That’s why the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota is proud to oversee the Minnesota Main Street program. The Main Street program helps towns and small cities maximize both their people and built assets for economic vitality.

Think Shakopee Business- Rahr Malting

Since the 1930’s, Rahr Malting has been an important part of the Shakopee story. On this episode of Think Shakopee Business, go inside the largest producer of malt in the United States.

Think Shakopee Business: Shutterfly

Introducing Think Shakopee Business! This month, Economic Development Specialist Jenn Brewington visits Shutterfly to see some of the unique products shipped around the world that start right here in Shakopee!

Envision Shakopee

Last year, we set out to see what you imagine the City of Shakopee will look like in 20 years. After receiving comments from more than 3000 residents and employees, we’re excited to share the city’s comprehensive plan: Envision Shakopee.

Think Shakopee Business: Cameron’s Coffee

Every cup of Cameron’s Coffee starts it’s journey to your table right here in Shakopee. Learn how this local favorite is roasted to perfection on this episode of “Think Shakopee Business.”

City Blog: Investing in Downtown

There are plenty of spaces downtown that are perfect for new businesses to thrive. The city is looking for your ideas. Leave us a comment below or share this with a friend that might be considering a new business venture!

Think Shakopee Business: Koda Energy

Located just south of Rahr Malting, Koda Energy provides renewable and sustainable energy through the burning of biomass fuels. Learn more as Economic Development Coordinator Jenn Brewington takes you inside.