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Leadership Academy

About the Program

Leadership Academy is about going deeper into leadership development. It is a customized program built on investing in leaders with a leadership curriculum rooted in application and results.

All sessions will be facilitated by Scott Morell, EdD – President and & Consultant with Rebar Leadership

What our grads are saying

“I highly recommend Leadership Academy for anyone looking to strengthen their leadership skills.  Too often leadership seminars can be more ‘rah rah’ than practical substance.  Leadership Academy was different.  Every session provided materials, discussions and specific actions to better understand and improve your individual and team’s communication and productivity.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in Leadership Academy, and have definitely enhanced my leadership skills as a result.”

John Groen 
Vice President of Marketing
Canterbury Park

“Leadership Academy has helped me grow personally and benefitted my company with professional growth. Some of the course materials that really resonated with me were the StrengthsFinder course, which I had taken roughly 10 years previously, and unsurprisingly 4 of my 5 core values were consistent. This course offered a fresh look at my strengths and how they can be applied to my current role in the workspace. Another valuable tool that I have taken from the course is a greater understanding of Emotional Intelligence, how it affects my coworkers, family, and myself. EI has given me an outside look in at how I respond to certain situations a certain way and get a better understanding how my actions are affecting those around me from an emotional standpoint. The Leadership Academy cohort I am connected with is comprised of many other local business professionals, some of whom I interact with in the professional world which has made this program very beneficial. I would strongly encourage anyone looking to enhance  their leadership skills and presence to explore the Leadership Academy course.”

Bryce Hotzler 
Project Manager
Greystone Construction 

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