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Utilizing Data Visualization In Your Business

Utilizing Data Visualization In Your Business

What Is Data Visualization?

The way you display important information can make a huge difference to your business. Data visualization can be an effective tool for communicating both internally and externally. Data visualization refers to graphics summarizing statistical information. Most often it’s to simplify a much more complex set of data into easily consumable illustrations. Data can be represented in many ways, from bar charts to scatter plots. They will often be colorful and well-designed, with a lot of thought going into the presentation.

Using Data Visualization Internally

Data visualization is a great tool to use with your team, helping deliver complicated information quickly and easily. This speeds up decision-making processes and ensures employees make decisions based on correct information. For the same reasons, using visual data sets can be invaluable in investor meetings. Sometimes, trying to convey essential information to investors can be difficult, and points can become lost. Good ways to display data can make the facts much clearer.

Using Data Visualization In Marketing

Proving your points with concrete data is the way to gain the trust of your client base. The challenge is that most people don’t want to read through sheets of dry data to allow you to make your point about what your business can do. This is where data visualization steps in. Creating an engaging graphic design that represents that data is how you can grab your audience and show them statistical proof without putting them to sleep in the process. In fact, a fun infographic can be the very thing that draws a customer in. Many people enjoy a visual representation when it is done well and expresses an interesting or novel idea. If you can design a great graphic with unique information, it will get your ideas noticed.

DIY Your Own Infographics

You don’t necessarily need the help of a professional and highly paid designer to create effective graphic visuals. There are many online resources available to enable you to create them yourself.

  • Google Charts: This free tool allows you to create interactive data visualizations for your website. It can easily pull information from a range of sources and display them in 18 different charts.
  • Tableau: This is one of the most popular tools for data visualization, as it is easy to use while still being very powerful.
  • Canva: If you are in a creative field, this site helps you create infographics. The simple design is easy to use, even for those without technical skills.

Once you have created an infographic that you wish to share with clients or investors, or internally, do so using PDF files. They are the most reliable and secure, as they cannot be edited. They are easy to share, and you can convert PDF to JPG online for free.

More Information

Utilizing data visualization is just one way to help your small business. You can gain far more information and insight by networking with other local businesses. By joining your local chamber of commerce, you can communicate with other business owners near you and influence decisions affecting local trade in your area.