The Shakopee Chamber Podcast Episode #19

The Shakopee Chamber Podcast Episode #19
The Shakopee Chamber Podcast Episode #19

Welcome to Episode #19 of the Shakopee Chamber Podcast. Our guest this week is Shakopee resident Eric Harkins, President and Founder of GKG Search & Consulting. This week we discuss Eric’s book, “Great Leaders Make Sure Monday Morning Doesn’t Suck” which focuses on leadership expectations and development, and his 8-bullet points on what makes a good leader. We also discuss Eric’s motivation for his book, his niece Shannon O’Hara and how her strength fighting cancer gave him the inspiration to write the book.

To learn more about GKG Search & Consulting: gkgconsultants.com

To learn more about the Shannon O’Hara Foundation: shannonoharafoundation.org

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