The Shakopee Chamber Podcast Episode #17

The Shakopee Chamber Podcast Episode #17
The Shakopee Chamber Podcast Episode #17

Welcome to Episode #17 of the Shakopee Chamber Podcast. Our guests this week are Jo Foust, Business Development Specialist with the Scott County CDA First Stop Shop & Jake De St. Hubert, owner of Euroworx Automotive Repair LLC and this year’s Fast-Track winner. We chat with Jo about the Fast-Track competition including who can participate, the eight challenge categories, positive outcomes for the communities in Scott County because of the competition, and how businesses can get involved. We chat with Jake about his business, why he decided to apply for the challenge, and what is next for his business after winning the competition.

For information about the Fast-Track challenge: https://www.scottcountyfasttrack.com/

Thank you to our sponsor O’Brien’s Public House. You can find information about their terrific food, drink, and entertainment options at https://bit.ly/2ThHS6P

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