State of MN Pay Stub Requirements

State of MN Pay Stub Requirements
State of MN Pay Stub Requirements



Minnesota earnings statement laws

At the end of each pay period, employers are required to provide all employees with a written statement of earnings. Earnings statements (also called pay stubs or check stubs) are important payroll records for employers and employees that document information about wages paid, hours worked, deductions made, and benefits accrued by an employee.


Earnings statements

Earnings statements must include the following

1) Name of the employee.

2) Total hours worked by the employee in the pay period, unless the worker is considered exempt under the Minnesota Fair Labor Standards Act.

3) The rate or rates of pay, including whether the employee is paid by the hour, shift, day, week, salary, piece, commission, or other method.

4) Any allowances claimed for meals and lodging under Minnesota Rules 5200.

5) The gross pay earned by the employee in the pay period.

6) The net pay after all deductions are made.

7) A list of all deductions (taxes, insurance, union dues, other) made from the employee’s pay.

8) The date the pay period ended.

9) The employer’s legal and operating name.

10) The employer’s telephone number.

11) The physical address of the main office or principal place of business and a mailing address, if different.


Electronic or paper earnings statements?

If an employer chooses to provide an earnings statement electronically, it must provide access to an employer-owned computer during an employee’s regular working hours to review and print earnings statements. If an employer receives a written request from an employee to receive future earnings statements in writing rather than electronically, with at least 24-hours notice, the employer must honor that request going forward.


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