Leadercast Live Positive Disruption

Leadercast Live Positive Disruption
Leadercast Live

The largest one-day leadership event in the world is broadcast live each year
from Atlanta to hundreds of Host Sites around the world. This career-changing
leadership event brings together globally respected experts on one stage to
share knowledge and insights from their leadership journeys.

Positive Disruption

Disturbance. Disorder. Disarrangement. Many people think these are
negatives in the workplace, but Leadercast Positive Disruption will show
how disruption is the best way to make positive, lasting changes in your
organization and beyond.
The speakers who will take the stage are change-makers. They are
trailblazers. They are people who face big ideas head-on and take their teams
to new heights. Learn from our leadership experts on how to purposefully
interrupt organizational functions to bring new energy, ideas, processes and
success to your team.
At Leadercast Positive Disruption, discover how to upset the status quo to
incite positive change that will echo throughout your organization.



Provides leaders of all levels with the tools and wisdom to grow in their
leadership and transform their organizations for the better. By bringing
together top leadership experts with worldly perspectives, Leadercast equips
people around the world to be leaders worth following

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